10 Paris Instagrammers To Follow

I follow all sorts of people on instagrams. My friends, of course. Foodies. Travelers. Cat owners. Even a few politicians (bonus when they post #FridayKitty pics every week!) But I have a soft spot for people instagramming from my hometown. Here are some of my favourite Paris-based snappers right now:

VUTHEARA KHAM is a UI/UX Designer. He also one of the most followed French instagrammers. In addition to instagram, his work has also appeared in little known travel books…you know, like, the official city of Paris tourism guide ;-)



@JUANJEREZ is a Spanish photographer who currently lives in Paris and reveals the city in stunning, mostly black-and-white shots.


Joanna Lemanska, aka MISS COOL PICS, is actually from Poland but her instagram pictures from Paris beautifully capture her unique point of view of the city of light.
Paris Instagram Miss cool pics


MY LITTLE PARIS is like the Daily Candy of France…writer Amandine Péchiodat and illustrator Kanako Kuno share charmingly quirky recommendations on all things trendy in Paris through their website and newsletter (it comes in English too!) What started as an email to a few friends is now a very successful internet start-up that reaches over a million subscribers.  Their instagram pics combine cute graphics, gorgeous pics of the city, a little food porn and some fashion of course. 

Paris Instagram my little paris


Nathalie Geffroy’s NATH PARIS captures daily slices of life in Paris, many taken in the rain or close to the ground. Nathalie is an artistic director at an ad agency and her creativity definitely comes through in her beautiful instagram pictures.

Paris Instagram Nath Paris


Carin Olsson moved to Paris from Stockholm to study French for four months. I’m going to assume her French is really good by now because she’s still there ;-) Her instagram account, and blog PARIS IN FOUR MONTHS, are just delightful to follow.

Paris Instagram Paris in four months


Lindsey Tramuta is a writer and photographer behind LOST IN CHEESELAND, a blog that documents her life as an American expat married to a Frenchman in Paris. Recently, she started traveling the globe on writing assignments so her instagram pic extends beyond Paris (I loved her recent pics from Israel!). But don’t worry… Paris is still the main star of her instagram feed.

paris Instagram Lindsay


EXPLORE PARIS WITH SHANNON FERGUSON, yet another American living in Paris. With the motto ‘when in Paris, do as the Parisians do,’ Shannon captures Parisians in their daily lives, the monuments, the city’s architectures.

Paris Instagram when in paris


There’s nothing quite like seeing Paris through a writer’s eyes. And it helps when that writer is also on instagram. I love TATIANA DE ROSNAY‘s books (Sarah’s Key, A Secret Kept,The House I Loved) and I love following her on instagram, where she showcases her love of her friends, family and city. There’s a lot of pictures of paper and pen too ;-)

paris instagram tatiana


Macaron vs cupcake. Amelie vs Carrie. Goddard vs Woody. What started as a cool blog, PARIS VS NEW YORK A TALLY OF TWO CITIES, by graphic designer Vahram Muratyan is now a book and a very successful collection of prints that compare Paris and New York in minimalist but clever illustrations. Vahram’s instagram is just as cheeky as his site and while he is a great designer, he’s also a very decent photographer, sharing pics from both Paris and New York of course.

paris instagram paris vs new york


Last but not least, a little bonus instragram account: JEAN-LUC RAYMOND‘s feed is all cats and Paris street art. It’s not for everyone, but I LOVE it! What are some of your favourite instragram peeps (Paris based or not)?

2 thoughts on “10 Paris Instagrammers To Follow

  1. Hi,

    I love everything about Paris so many Thanks for this amazing list!
    On the same topic, I recently found this french photographer: @HBphotographie

    He seems to have just started but something tells me it won’t be long until he’s noticed!

    Check out his pictures you’ll understand ;)


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