Screen on the Green

Washingtonians came dangerously close to losing one of their most random summer tradition: doing the the HBO Dance on the National Mall before the start of a classic movie during Screen on the Green. Well, put on your dancing shoes, Screen on the Green returns on July 20th, with a shorter line up of movies, a new funder but the same enthusiasm from DC residents.

Earlier this year, it was announced that there would not be a 10th year of Screen on the Green and HBO dance on the National Mall as funding for the showings had fallen through. After a large outcry from Washingtonians, the Trust for the National Mall has come forward to support Screen on the Green along with HBO and Comcast. Their hope is that they can use the event to unite Americans in a grassroots effort to help restore the National Mall. Before each movie, the Trust will air public service announcements about how viewers can help preserve and protect the National Mall for future generations.

Screen on the Green, which attracts thousands of people to the Mall every summer, will begin July 20 with Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and continue on Mondays at dusk and last four weeks instead of the usual five. The complete line-up has not been confirmed yet but rumours are that it will include the movies already slotted for Screen on the Green in Bryant Park (“Dog Day Afternoon” or “Rebel Without a Cause.”)

Whatever the line-up is, get your bug-repellent ready and start planning your strategies for sneaking in wine… Screen on the Green is back!!

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