Mm oh yeah, what a night… Oh yes it’s ladies night!

Did D.C. United officials think that the simple hope of taking a peak at a shirtless Beckham wasn’t even to bring the ladies running to RFK this Saturday? Apparently not… To give us an additional incentive to attend the match, they paired up with DC HOT 99.5 to organize a Girls Night Out where you can enjoy light food and complimentary beverages (provided by Michelob Ultra and Bud Light Lime… it is a soccer match afterall!) in a private pre-game area before cheering on the D.C. United boys as they take on Golden Balls and his team mates!

Tickets are $42 and include the ladies’ night plus tickets for the match in the lower bowl seating in sections 301-303, which is actually not a bad deal for a DCU-Galaxy game… If you’ve never been to a D.C. United game, this might be the perfect night to come see how much fun the games actually are!

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