Guest Post: Rosemary and Grape Focaccia

There’s something I find so alluring about salty and sweet flavors coming together in concert. I’m pretty vocal about my favoritism toward the savory over the sugary, but every so often, the natural sweetness of fruit makes a guest appearance next to the warm, savory, salty, and crispy co-stars of a dish in a way so subtle–but at the same time striking–even I can’t argue against its place on the plate.

Such is the setting for my love affair with a favorite Giada De Laurentiis appetizer recipe for Rosemary and Grape Focaccia. So, naturally, when our fearless blogger, and one of my loveliest friends, asked me to bring a dish to snack during her most recent wine tasting, Rosemary Grape Focaccia it was. Let me short hand how I approach the recipe.

Rosemary and Grape Focaccia
Recipe adapted from Everyday Italian
Ingredients for 8 people:
Pizza dough (home-made or store bought)
Red & White Grapes
Shallot, sliced into thin rounds
1-2 Garlic Cloves, minced
Kosher Salt (Giada makes hers with sea salt)
a few sprigs of Rosemary, half minced, half whole leaves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Roll your dough out into a square or rectangle, and place it on your baking dish.
Sling three or four turns of olive oil over the dough, and spread it all over with palm of your hand. Sprinkle with kosher salt & spread minced garlic evenly.
Sprinkle your minced rosemary lightly over dough, then place your shallot rounds evenly all over, pushing them in slightly.
Giada keeps her grapes intact, but I cut mine in half, width-wise, and push them in a bit to add more sweetness to the dough.
Finally, take a few of your leftover whole leaves of rosemary and press them onto the dough here and there.
Follow your pizza dough package baking directions (usually around 10 minutes at 400 degrees), let cool, cut into squares and serve warm. Variations might include shredded prosciutto, crumbled Chevre cheese, or even a little heat by way of a dusting of cayenne pepper.

Finally, be sure to pair with great friends and a light, summery red.

melissaThis blog post is brought to you by guest blogger Melissa Lampkins.A food enthusiast, wine tasting bloodhound, & fellow lover of everything DC Philadelphia has to offer, Melissa is also one of the best cooks I know!

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