I <3 Colombia

For many French people like myself, coverage of Colombia on the news has been dominated by crime, drugs, the FARC and the kidnapping (then rescuing) of Ingrid Betancourt. The sort of publicity that does not make you want to book your next holiday to the South American nation.

Well, Colombia’s Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Luis Guillermo Plata wants you heart Colombia now. And to help you start feeling the love, he launched “Colombia es pasion,” a PR campaign to help you forget about those pesky kidnappings and focus on other aspects of the country like its music, food and culture. To do so, he is dispatching a traveling exhibits of colorful hearts to Washington, D.C. If you live or work in downtown D.C. you may have noticed those 8-foot tall hearts as 40 of them are sprinkled around town. In Union Station, 7 interactive 13-foot hearts target the business traveler, encouraging investment in the country. The hearts will be in D.C. from September 5-15, before heading to New York and Shanghai. Lucky hearts!

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