French Can Can (of Red Bull)

Think of The Art of The Can as kind of a Project Runway challenge; instead of aspiring designers we have artists, some established and some amateurs. Their task: Create a work of art instead of an outfit using one difficult material – Red Bull cans! Some of the artists may have thought they were on Project Runway and created wearable gowns that could easily have been judged by Heidi Klum walking down a runway. Others were more of what you would expect to see in D.C.: a couple of portraits of Obama of course and “Common Ground”, the elephant and donkey sculpture which was used to promote the exhibit.

The Art of The Can competition challenged artists to create pieces with or inspired by cans of Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Sugar Free and Red Bull Cola. Six judges chose 56 pieces from the 300 aluminum entries submitted to be featured in the D.C. exhibit, which will run at Union Station from October 8th to 19th, 2009. The artists are creative types of all ages and occupations — from students to industrial designers and sales professionals to sculptors.

Kathryn Beale, a sculptor from Texas, won the top prize of the competition for her very D.C. appropriate work “Common Ground.” She took home bragging rights and all expenses paid trip to Art Basel, the world’s leading modern art exhibit in Basel, Switzerland. Auf Wiedersehen and bon voyage Ms. Beale!

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