Happy Crêpe Day!

Bring out the crêpe maker!! Today is la Chandeleur or Candlemas in English but more commonly known as Crêpe Day. This Catholic holiday commemorates the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus to the Temple. I don’t think a lot of French people know that though… Today, La Chandeleur is synonymous with crêpes. Their circular shape and golden color is reminiscent of the sun, which itself makes people think of the springtime coming after a long winter. Or something like that… really, it’s an excuse to eat crêpes!

If you are not the lucky owner of a crêpe maker (available on Williams and Sonoma‘s website) you can always use the old frying pan method to make your own at home. Or, you can head out and grab a crêpe at one of the many D.C. restaurants that serves them. Some of my favourite include Napoleon Bistro and Lounge (there, I always order the Dulce for dessert) and Café Bonaparte (I highly recommend the Lisbon or the Martinique), Crepe Away and Crepes a-go-go for more casual locations (the Fresh Aple, Brown Sugar and cinnamon crêpe is delicious… order it to go at their new crepes-on-the-walk location in Chinatown). Another favourite of mine is Snap in Georgetown. Though bubble tea and crêpes may not seem like a natural match, they actually work surprisingly well together, especially when enjoyed on their quaint back patio (perhaps you’ll want to skip the patio tonight).

So what would you rather do tonight? Mull over the fact that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow or stuff yourself with crêpes? I’m going to go with the crêpes bien sûr!

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