New Truck on the Block

Normally I wouldn’t cover the launch of a new food truck in D.C. But the folks at Eat Sâuçá made it very difficult for me not to. First, they chose to stop a few blocks away from my office on their inaugural day. Secondly, the menu features merguez-frites and toffles. Merguez are basically French hot dogs, they’re our street food par excellence and toffles… well… that’s just a fancy word for waffles and Eat Sâuçá serves them with Nutella so I just had to order one!


Food truck fever hasn’t quite reached the same level in D.C. as it has in New York or Los Angeles, but the city is trying to catch up. No, don’t except D.C. Restaurant Week Truck anytime soon (though there’s still time to catch New York’s… it ends on the 5th) but do expect more food trucks roaming the streets of D.C. And don’t expect me to complain 😉 

Sâuçá is the new truck on the block and the brainchild of Farhad Assari, an Iranian restauranteur who arrived in D.C. a few years ago by way of Geneva. The menu offers global food from merguez to croque-monsieur and Mumbai butter chicken, all served in sâuçás, a hand held warm, griddled flatbread. Lunchers can chose from a wide selection of sauces then top off their meal with a small but tasty waffle. Sâuçá has a couple of marketing tricks up its sleeves, from the web-cam to the catchy world music. They also have a phone on the side of the truck. Buy two sâuçás and you get a token valid for 1 minutes of international communication!
Eat Sâuçá’s first customer posing by the food truck.
To find out if the Sâuçá truck is coming soon to a neighbourhood near you, check out their website, follow them on twitter or fan them on facebook. Bon appetit!

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