Celebrating the Olympics, eh.

D.C. probably has more snow on the ground than Vancouver does right now. Nonetheless, the Canadian city will kick off the 2010 Winter Olympics tonight. In honour of the games, Montreal native and former Top Chef contestant Spike Mendelsohn is adding a few special items to his Good Stuff Eatery menu. The most exciting item? Poutine!!

I spent four years in Montreal attending McGill University and while I didn’t quite minor in poutine, I did enjoy my fair share of the traditional Quebecois dish. Poutine is basically a caloric layering of French fries, fresh cheese curd and brown gravy. It is so popular in Quebec that you can order it at McDonald’s there. In the US, it’s a little bit harder to come across poutine. Three New York City establishments have it on their menu (the Inn LW12, tPoutine and Pommes Frites). In D.C., newly opened ChurchKey has a roasted potato poutine made with local cheddar curds and sausage gravy that feels pretty good after a couple of pints and is about as close to poutine as you’ll get in this town. Until now. Throughout the Olympics (February 12-28) you can enjoy canadian classics such as poutine and other Canadian-inspired menu items (Canadian maple syrup shake, or cheeseburger with Canadian bacon) while watching the games at Good Stuff Eatery. Music to my (former) Montreal-ears. Or stomach…

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