Girl Meets Curl: a Miracle on Ice

To quote Homer Simpson: “Let’s give the Olympics a miracle, except this time on ice!” Every four years, a miracle takes place on the Olympic ice: our favourite guilty pleasure, curling, comes out of its mediatic hybernation and lands at the center of all our conversations! This year, curling “rocked” the media with a doodle from Google, fashion reports on the Norwegian team’s pants and a Simpsons episode.

Another miracle on ice happened on Friday, February 19th. No, it wasn’t me lifting a 13 lbs curling stone during the Capital Curling Expo at the Hilton Garden Inn (though for me that was quite an impressive feat!) The miracle happened for the USA Men Curling team, which after losing its first four matches in Vancouver finally won its first game!!

Against the French ;-(

Friday and Saturday, the Hilton Garden Inn turned one of its ballroom into a curling arena to help Washingtonians like myself understand what this fascinating niche sport is all about. I dropped by after work Friday to check it out. The Hilton went all out! The entire hotel staff was decked out in US team attire and every TV was tuned in to the ongoing curling game: France-USA. Unfortunately, at that time, France was leading the US 1-0 making me the least popular person in the room. Nonetheless, I tried my hand at sliding a couple of stones and sweeping them as close to the target as I could. Unlike Marge Simpson who turns out to be quite a natural at the sport during the “Boy Meet Curl” Simpsons episode, I’m not sure I have much of a future in curling.

3 thoughts on “Girl Meets Curl: a Miracle on Ice

  1. Didn't realize that the Simpsons joined in on the curling craze, too – lol. Happy that you were able to get into the Hilton to give it a try! A few of my friends tried yesterday and were told that it was too packed.


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