Alice in Paris… I mean… Wonderland

My special correspondent in Paris and enabler of macarons obsession (also known as my dad) reports that Paris is currently “émerveillé” with Alice au Pays des Merveilles. That would be French for Alice in Wonderland 😉
Tim Burton‘s adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s tale only comes out on March 24th in France, but Alice’s whimsical world has already taken Paris by storm. The Arludik Gallery, for example, is hosting an exhibit of artists selected by Tim Burton himself to define the artistic and graphic universe of the film (March 4-7, 12-14 rue St Louis en L’Ile, 4eme). Paul & Joe imagined a make-up line inspired by the fairy tale and Stella McCartney collaborated with Disney to create a special edition of necklaces and bracelets. Speaking of Disney, my former place of employment, Disneyland® Resort Paris, is also celebrating with special Alice in Wonderland characters meet and greets as well as a special edition Alice t-shirt sold exclusively at the resort.

But the most exciting celebration is happening at Le Printemps. Since February 1st, the department store’s windows are displaying select designers’ interpretation of Alice’s famous dress. Chloe or Alexander McQueen, among others, were given free reigns to fashion Alice, for the enjoyment of passers-by. Meanwhile inside Le Printemps, Paris’ most renowned pâtisserie La Durée has transformed the ground store into a re-creation of Mad Hater’s tea party with a special salon de thé. In another tribute to the enchanting world down the rabbit-hole, La Durée imagined a special green apple macaron, sold in a limited edition musical box to satisfy children and grownups alike. I wish I could tumble down a rabbit-hole and emerge in the middle of the Printemps right now…

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