Affordable solutions for better living riding

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in D.C. and in the United States in general. But every once in a while, like when I think about the health care system or the six weeks of paid vacation time, I can’t help reminiscing about life in France. There are just some things that the French do better. Apparently even minute things like Ikea ads 😉 So back in January of 2009, my metro station, Gallery Place, was taken over by Ikea. As D.C. prepared for inauguration of Barrack Obama, Ikea released a yellow and blue “change begins at home” poster style campaign. Not bad.

Now in Paris, Ikea is actually inviting metro riders to test two of their popular couches: “Ektorp” and “Kalstad”, in its Paris métro stations: St Lazare, Champs Elysées Clémenceau, Concorde and Opéra. Literally, test them out in the metro! One notch better!
What do you think of Ikea’s buzz marketing campaign? Would it make you want to buy a red and white striped “Ektorp” couch? I’m sure the homeless people who roam the Paris metro all day must think it’s really awesome! Though I’m not sure they’ll be buying Ikea couches any time soon…

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