Macaron: fashion victim?

Macarons and fashion go hand in hand and my favourite parisian pastry will not cease to inspire the hottest designers!

In 2009, the prince of red soles paired up with the king of macarons to design a limited edition Louboutin gift box sold exclusively in La Durée stores.

Last fall, Helena Rubinstein created a Delicious Beauty make-up collection inspired by the Picasso of Patisserie, Pierre Hermé. His caramel-lavender macaron was at the heart of the advertising campaign for the line, which featured glosses and lipsticks parfumed with lavender and caramel.

This spring, you can also smell like a macaron thanks to Marc Jacobs. His Splash perfume line declines the macarons in three sweet and playful flavours, I mean scents, Apple Splash, Biscotti and Pomegrenade Splash.

The latest brand to jump on the macaron trendwagon is probably the most surprising: Nike! The sneaker giant is releasing a Nike Air Royal “Macarons” pack. Each shoe is entirely monochrome, stitching and soles included, and comes in lighter pastel shades of raspberry, pistachio, lemon and almond. The Nike Air Royal Mid Macarons Pack release date is set for April 1st at the ever trendy Colette.

So what do you think… macaron fashion? Or macaron fashion victim?

4 thoughts on “Macaron: fashion victim?

  1. I love your blog and the fact that you're obsessed with macarons. In terms of fashion for macarons, I don't know. Have you ever heard the term prole drift? I think that's what Louboutins have become, and to wrap them around these beautiful desserts is a little tragic. But that's just me.


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