(French) Snacks on a Plane

Remember the Top Chef, Season 3: “Snacks on a Plane” Episode? Under the watchful eyes of guest judge Anthony Bourdain, the cheftestants had to create dishes that could be served on Continental Airlines’ Business class. Chefs creating menus for airlines is about as new as fashion designers dressing cabin crew in haute couture uniforms. Air France business class passengers, for example, can currently snack on (3 Michelin star) chef Guy Martin’s red pepper, cucumber, and parmesan tartare while admiring the Christian Lacroix outfits of the stewards serving the meal. Fancy schmancy.

The latest chef to try his culinary hands at airplane food is DC-based French chef Michel Richard, of Citronelle and Central fame. In addition to working on opening his third DC-area restaurant this fall (Michel, in the former Maestro space in the Ritz Carlton Tyson Corner) the celebrated chef will develop in flight menus for OpenSkies, British Airways’ new all-business class airline. Discerning Paris travelers will be able to enjoy authentic French cuisine on New York-Paris and Washington, D.C.-Paris flights for two months starting this June. With roundtrip fare starting at $1,650 I think I will have to “settle” for Air France’s Guy Martin for my next trip home but if Michel Richard’s French snacks in a plane are tempting you can always use the discount code TWT10OFF before April 30 to get 10% your flight departing before September 2010.

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