French Women Do Get Fat

French Elle got a lot of attention a year ago for their Stars Sans Fard” covers which featured Sophie Marceau and Monica Bellucci without makeup and in unretouched shots. Well, French Elle is challenging industry standards once again with a “special rondes” edition out to prove that, contrary to what Mireille Guiliano would like you to believe, French women do get fat.

Elle’s April issue featuring a twenty page spread on plus size fashion comes a month after Italian Vogue launched an online section called “Vogue Curvy” dedicated to fashion and beauty for non-size 34 women. So French and Italian women can be young, fat and fabulous. Gotcha.

I love that French Elle is challenging the national stereotype of the slender, chic Parisian woman… but wouldn’t it have made more of a statement if the model on the cover were actually French instead of American? I personally feel that this issue is a gimmick and not a lasting trend in an industry. And it works. After all, I’m talking about it aren’t I?

8 thoughts on “French Women Do Get Fat

  1. How is this woman “fat”? She has a well-defined waist, a stomach that is flatter than that of some “thin” women I know, and appears to be rather well-toned. Personally I love the photos.


  2. I agree with the first comment! This woman is in NO way fat. She is gorgeous! (and that is coming from a size 2 woman)


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  4. Yea, she’s definitely fat. Even with a proportional body, it’s much bigger than is healthy. You guys are delusional.


  5. elle , your super demanding , she is gorgious much more appetizing than skinny chiks with law breast and butts…


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