Quelqu’un m’a dit que Carla aime les half smoke

By now it’s old news that President Sarkozy, his younger son Louis and First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy ate at U Street fine dining establishment institution Ben’s Chili Bowl. What never gets old are some of the joke and comments the visit brought about. Here are some of my favourite, please feel free to add yours in the comment section!

From President Obama: Now, I have to point out that the French are properly famous for their cuisine, and so the fact that Nicolas went to Ben’s Chili Bowl for lunch I think shows his discriminating palate. (Yes, I take that one as a joke)

From fellow frenchie in D.C. @OKnox: Sarkozy goes to Ben’s Chili Bowl. RNC aides go to Voyeur. Guess which one the NYTimes brands “a faux pas.”

From @willcfischer: Sarkozy: “Je voudrais quelques pommes frites.” Dude at register: “What’s that?” Sarkozy: [sigh] “Freedom fries…”

From The Washington Post: Obama, Sarkozy forge a new bond: the half-smoke.

From NBC Washington: France’s first couple lunched at Ben’s Chili Bowl, putting undue pressure on the White House chef…

From MSNBC: French President gases up for dinner at the White House at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

From The Guardian: Barack Obama and Sarkozy stand side by side on Iran – and hamburgers.

From The Sydney Morning Herald: Sarkozy woos US with sausage diplomacy. French diplomacy came to the US capital in the form of 120 grams of smoked sausage on a soft bun with mustard and onions

It seems the media is fascinated by the fact a French president could dispense with (the perceived) Gallic fussiness on food to eat at one of the cheapest (and greasiest) joint in town. Apparently hot dogs win over calls for tougher sanctions on Iran…

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