Cork and Fork: A Wine Family Affair

For the Landragins, wine is more than a business. It’s a family affair that dates back to 1772. Dominique Landragin was literally born in wine, or to be more exact, in Champagne. Dominique’s grandfather was the manager of the Veuve Clicquot vineyards and his father was the vineyard manager at Heidsieck Monopole. Dominique followed on their bubbly footsteps but took his chance with “new world” wines. He moved to Australia where he co-founded Yellowglen, Australia’s first methode champenoise winery, with his wife Anna. The couple currently resides in the DC area with their family where they run two successful wine shops in Gainesville, VA and Bethesda, MD. Anna explained that their goal is to eventually own four wine shops, one for each of their four children. On Saturday, May 8th, when their third Cork and Fork location officially opens on 14th street, they will be one step closer to that goal!

You’d think that with such a wine pedigree, Dominique would bring some of that infamous French pretenciousness to his business but you couldn’t be more wrong. The Landragins are just the most down to earth and friendly family you can meet and this is reflected in their store. Instead of focusing on French or even European wines, Cork and Fork offers a selection of great wines from around the world, including a few wines from Virgnia. They even offer an impressive selected of craft beers and, at 5 pm when I dropped by to preview the store, a beer tasting was even taking place. Eventually, Cork and Fork will offer food made by Anna (a great chef), host wine/beer/food tastings and other special events. Dominique will manage the store while his wife Anna will run the Bethesda store and their daughter Antoinette the Virginia one.

Cork and Fork officially opens on Saturday May 8th at 1522 14th Street, NW. In the meantime, you can follow the Cork and Fork blog for interesting information on wine, news and recipes.

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