Pas de reservations! An evening with Ripert & Bourdain.

One is French, the other is kinda French. One has a restaurant in D.C., the other had a restaurant in D.C. Both live in New York, have greying hair and are (literaly) amongst the hotest chefs in America. And of course both will be in Washington D.C. when I am out of town. Sad.

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert may have a lot in common and be great friends but they’re still an unlikely duo. I felt bad for Bourdain when he appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and she asked him if he had ever been a chef in a kitchen. Ouch. But to be fair, while I loved going to Les Halles when the restaurant had a branch in D.C. it’s no Le Bernadin. And actually, Eric Ripert himself was even quoted saying he wouldn’t want Bourdain working in his kitchen. Double ouch.

But don’t feel too bad for Bourdain. He may not have Michelin Star but he still has plenty of fans! These days, he is perhaps better known as the host of the Travel Channel’s No Reservations than as a chef and has a bit of a reputation as the (sexy) bad boy of the food world. Ripert, on the other hand, is a calm classically French trained Michelin winning chef whose credentials Martha Stewart would never question. Nonetheless, the two chefs are pretty good friends and even host a Sirius Radio show “Turn and Burn” which airs on none-other than Martha Stewart Radio. The two are taking their show on the road, sort of, and appearing at the Warner Theater on Friday evening. In addition to discussing some topics that each of the chef would like to address, they will also beinteract with the audience through a Q&A session and a direct dialogue. Which sounds amazing! Did I mention that I am not in D.C. this weekend? *le sigh* However, if you are… tickets are still available. Get yours here. No reservations needed but a ticket would help 😉

2 thoughts on “Pas de reservations! An evening with Ripert & Bourdain.

  1. Le sigh. I love both these men. I didn't get to go this past weekend, but wish I had.

    And there used to be a Les Halles in DC? I didn't know that!


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