Soccer in the City: 2010 World Cup Edition

Good news for football fans. Or for alcoholics. Or for both! Yesterday the DC Council approved allowing the city’s bars to open at 7 a.m. during the World Cup. South Africa, where the World Cup is being played, is six hours ahead of Washington, D.C., which means that some matches will air as early as 7:30 am here. So while this is great news, don’t get too existed! You still won’t be able to swap that first cup of coffee for a beer. Bars open earlier, yes, but are still not allowed to serve alcohol until 8 am (10 am on Sunday). So, no alcohol during the first 30 minutes of play… I think I can handle that 😉

And while we are on the topic of the World Cup, here are some of my picks for spots to catch the games.

Classic soccer bars:
Summers in Courthouse, Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle, Momo’s on U Street and Fado in Chinatown are great spots to watch footie year long and will be the place to be again during the Worl Cup, showing every game live.

New Kids on the Soccer Block:
Public and Bier Garten Haus weren’t around 4 years ago but they’re getting into the soccer scene in force and will be showing every game. Bier Garten Haus will open on H Street NE just on time for the World Cup and will dedicate its second floor entirely to the Beautiful Sport. Finally, you can also watch Saturday’s World Cup matches at Soccer in the Circle, an outdoor viewing party on two massive screens in the center of DC’s Dupont Circle. I have a feeling the circle is going to get pretty packed around 2:30pm when the US takes on England!

For fans of specific teams:
If you’re cheering for the U.S. of A. you’ll have no problem finding a bar full of fellow supporters on game day. But if you’re say cheering for France, you may have a harder time finding a spot where you’re not the only one sporting a Zidane jersey and fending off headbutting jokes when everyone else is wearing green, white and red and cheering for El Tri. If that’s the case, you might want to head to l’Alliance Francaise, which will be showing all of Les Bleus’ game live (with $3 beer cash bar) or Bistro La Bonne, which will also be showing all of the France games live.

Fans of Italy (ie. not moi!) can find a friendly home at Tuscana West which is offering $4 perronis as well as Italy game prizes to be raffled off during Azzurri games. For fans of Germany, the Goethe Institute will show all the Nationalmannschaft matches. If you didn’t get an invite from the British Embassy yet and are looking for a Three-Lions friendly spot to watch the UK take on the US of A on June 12th, look no further than Againn. The gastropub will transform its raw bar into a beer bar, serving American and English beers during its “Bangers vs. Burgers” themed viewing party. Finally if you’re cheering for Mexico… no wait… I don’t want to hear about any cheering for Mexico, South Africa or Uruguay! Allez les Bleus!!

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