Soccer in the City: Soccer in the Circle

On any given day, Dupont Circle looks a little something like this. Well, not today! On this hot July afternoon, day two of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it looked like this:

Have Americans finally caught World Cup fever? Well, apparently the small mammals at the National Zoo have. And they’re not the only ones by the looks of the crowd that flocked to Dupont Circle and overflowed into the neighbouring bars. Congratulations to the event organizers for putting together such a great event and I hope we can do it again on July 11th… hopefully with Les Bleus on the big screens!! And yes, I know the match ended on a disappointing tie, but at least the US scored a goal (or Green allowed the US to score a goal… however you chose to look at it). That’s more than my Frenchies can say.

One thought on “Soccer in the City: Soccer in the Circle

  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Jina and I didn't go to meet you last night to help kick off the World Cup! How on Earth did you ever get around down there today? 🙂 yay #USA


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