Soccer in the City: Et un, et deux, et trois (et quatre) ze-ro!

The big stories coming out of day 3 of World Cup are: 

(1) Germany is looking good! As a Frenchie, of course, I cannot possibly admit that Germany looks good at anything. So I’m going to spin this one a bit and say that the Socceroos suckeroos looked really bad. Ghana is probably pretty excited to have them as their next opponent.

(2) Yesterday, it wasn’t easy being Green. Today, it wasn’t easy being Faouzi! It seems when the teams are having a hard time scoring, goalkeepers can be a great help in opening the score. Following on Green’s footsteps, Algerian keeper Chaouchi Faouzi did his part to allow Slovenia to move up to the top of Group C. Let’s hope the Mexican goaltender takes note of that ahead of Thursday’s game 😉 

(3) According to the U.S. mainstream media, a 1-1 tie for with England equals a 1-1 win for the U.S. That’s definitely the story I’ve been hearing all day. As such, I am now choosing to look at the outcome of last Thursday’s game as a 0-0 win for France!! 

(4) Everyone hates vuvuzelas! The captain of the French team was overhead complaining that his players can’t sleep because of the constant buzzing from vuvuzelas. To which Ireland answered: actually, that’s not the vuvuzelas, it’s the sound of your conscience keeping you up at night (ta da dam!). But I think we can all agree the stadium horns are getting annoying. 

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