Need More Vuvuzela? There’s an App for that!!

The biggest story of the 2010 FIFA World Cup so far has truly been the vuvuzela. Broadcasters have complained that the plastic trumpets are too disruptive to the international television feeds, subduing announcers’ voices and irritating viewers. Patrice Evra, France’s captain, complained that the horns played a role in his team’s lackluster 0-0 draw with Uruguay (were they also responsible for our humiliating defeat against Mexico? I’m just curious to see how Evra explains that one!!) 

Despite attempts to get the plastic horns banned from 2010 FIFA World Cup, the odds are vuvuzelas are not going anywhere. So you might as well embrace them with this clever (and free) vuvuzela app for your mobile device. Want World Cup spirit? There’s an app for that! Just don’t use the app at Wimbledon!!

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