Soccer in the City: A Review of Ghana Cafe

When deciding where to watch Saturday’s 2010 FIFA World Cup games, Ghana Cafe immediately popped into my head. Following their win over Serbia the week before, the Black Stars were looking pretty good going into their game over the Sockeroos. So I thought watching the match with Ghana supporters would be pretty fun. It will come as no surprise to anyone, I’m sure, to hear that I wasn’t the only clever one to have that idea. Ghana Cafe was THE place to be today! Unless you were an Australian supporter of course. Despite the rather disappointing outcome of the game (1-1 for a match the Black Stars should have easily won), the crowd was in good spirit and the Tusker was flowing.

Who knew there were so many supporters of Ghana in DC? 

We had such a fun time that, at noon when the game ended and everybody left, we decided to stick around, order a pitcher and sample some of Ghana Cafe‘s most popular dishes. Most of Ghana Cafe‘s offerings are stews served with rice or soups. Since it’s not everywhere that you can order a goat dish, we ordered the Goat Jollof rice which was on special for the World Cup (but would normally only set you back $16 anyways) as well as a vegetarian sampler, complete with fried plantains beans stew.  

The Goat Jollof Rice, chewy but tasty.

Overall, the dishes were simple and tasty. Both the meat and the veggies had a great flavour. I will probably return to Ghana Cafe after their run in the 2010 FIFA World Cup has ended. It’s a little difficult to evaluate the service you receive when a restaurant is just getting over handling 100 screaming soccer fans. 
The vegetarian sampler – the tomato stew was delicious.

The food that I tried was good enough, and the prices quite reasonable, that it made me want to go back and try more typical west african dishes like the banku or one of the soups with a whole fish in it that I saw at the tables around me. So this review is to be continued! Good luck to the Black Stars throughout the World Cup. I think it’s safe to assume that, given how poorly Les Bleus have been performing, there are very little chances they will move on to face Ghana at any point in the tournament. Meaning I can safely cheer for them!

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