DC-To-Do-List For 2010 ~ A Mid Year Update.

July 1st is more than just Canada Day it’s also the mid point of 2010 and time to check up on how well I’ve been doing on my DC resolution list. I’ve lived in Washington for close to seven years now and there is still so much for me to do and see here. So six months into the year, how I am doing with my D.C. check list? Well… not so well 😦

1) Sit on a US Supreme Court hearing > the Court reconvenes on October 4th so this resolution is tabled until the fall.

2) Visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum > Check! Of course it’s impossible to say that I “enjoyed” visiting the Holocaust Museum but I am certainly glad I finally went through this powerful experience.

3) Run the Cherry Blossom 10-miler > Check! I managed to grab a spot in the lottery for this oh-so-DC-race and had two of my best friends run it with me. My friend Caitlin wrote a very funny piece on her experience running the 10-miler.  I feel pretty bad that we didn’t get to finish the race together. But it was my first race and I am still a very slow runner! Nonetheless, I can’t describe the sense of accomplishment I felt when I crossed the finish line. It was such a great feeling, I’m actually planning to run a half marathon in the fall.

4) Have dinner at Marcel’s > Check! By far one of the best meal I’ve had in DC. A dinner so good deserves its own post, so I will write more on Marcel’s later!

5) Attend a performance or concert at Wolf Trap > no check 😦

6) Tour the U.S. National Arboretum’s Garden > gotta get on this one! [update: check!! I took my friend Laura’s adorable pup Cleo for a long walk there last fall.]

7) Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighy House > nope…

8) Go on one of the White House Garden tours > so far I have managed to be out of town for all the scheduled public tour. Le sigh. [update: I made it! I made it! once in the fall, once in the spring…]

9) Try the shrimp toasts at Four Sisters > le sigh again. [update: to be fair, I was recently diagnosed with an allergy to shrimp so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to try the shrimp toast…]

10) Cross the motte and (actually) explore Old Town Alexandria > well, I have made it to Alexandria a few times this year already… but still have to spend a little more time there actually exploring it. [Update: I had lunch at Restaurant Eve recently… does that count a little? #FAIL]

The verdict? 3 5 out of 10 is pretty weak not that bad [updated in 2012]. I guess I still have a lot to accomplish in the next six months oh let’s face it, I’m not moving out of D.C. anytime soon 😉 so I’ve got a little bit of time…

This post was updated in late 2012. I’ll update it again if I do manage to cross any of these off… I’m really feeling the Supreme Court for 2013!! 

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