Things to do: Paris Façades Opening Reception

If I dreamed in watercolors, I’m pretty sure the succession of images and emotions in my mind would look like Carol Gillott‘s aquarelles. Most of her paintings take you right into the whimsical streets of Paris and the pastel strorefronts of LaDue. Needless to say, I check her blog “>Paris Breakfast regularly to see which parts of my hometown have been inspiring her brushes lately though most of the time her muse seem to be the façade of a macaron shop with its tower of pastries and other sweet reflections of Parisien life.

Carol shares her time between New York, where she resides, and Paris where she travels frequently to soak up inspiration. Tomorrow, she will travel to Paris on the Potomac to present her delightful and mouth-watering renderings of Parisien boulangeries, patisseries and every day life at l’Alliance Française. The exhibit opens tomorrow with a reception and will be on display until November 1st, when it will move on to Philadelphia.

The opening reception at l’Alliance Française (on 2142 Wyoming Avenue NW) starts at 6:30 pm and is free attend. Reservations are required by calling 202-234-7911.

2 thoughts on “Things to do: Paris Façades Opening Reception

  1. Je suis en retard!!
    Merci French Twist!
    I heard about the NY Laduree last June from the horse's mouth but I did not believe them 🙂
    Can boulangerie Paul be far behind?
    Is there to be a patisserie Taliban invasion?
    They are keeping it very hush-hush IMHO
    I hope Financier Pastries opens sometime in DC. They are superb and have won my pastry heart.


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