A Sweet Day for the Premiere of Top Chef Just Desserts

There’s no such thing as a free meal, but on September 15 there was at least free dessert! After a lackluster season in the nation’s capital, Bravo needed to drum up a little buzz around not only the final episode of Top Chef DC but also the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts, the latest (and sweetest) spin-off of the reality show franchise. Bravo labelled September 15 Just Desserts Day and offered a number of promotions to celebrate the “holiday.” The cable television channel partnered with Open Table to offer dinners who booked a table via the online restaurant reservation service  a free dessert per table with the purchase of two entrees. Foursquare was giving out aspecial Just Desserts Badge and food trucks were commandeered to roam the streets of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago offering free goodies like ice cream and cookies across those cities. I was able to score a few treats just by walking outside my office to get coffee!

Free White Chocolate Mousse Cake at Firehook Bakery & Coffee House

Free Spicy Carrot Carrot Cake Truffle from Godiva Chocolatier

I didn’t get a chance to make it all the way to Patisserie Poupon but the Georgetown bakery was giving out free macaron. Now that would have been the icing on an already very sweet day!

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