French Friday: Il N’y A Que Maille Qui M’Aille

Whenever I go home to Paris I always make a quick stop in the Maille boutique 6 place de la Madeleine. The small shop, conveniently located around the corner from Ladurée, is an homage to all things mustard. There, you’ll find some of the best mustard in Paris freshly prepared and on tap, in a variety of classic and seasonal flavours, as well as vinegards and cornichons. When it comes to mustard, il n’y a que Maille qui m’aille and I wouldn’t be caught dead purchasing Grey Poupon! This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was a mustard tart (Gerard’s Mustard Tart to be precise) so I was glad to have a few jars of mustard left in my fridge from my last visit to the Maille store back in August.

The mustard at Maille is served on tap, like beer, at their store place de la Madeleine.

Gerard’s Mustard Tart called for 2 different kinds of mustard: Dijon mustard and grainy Dijon mustard. I used the Maille Dijon Originale and Maille Old Style.Both mustards are mixed with crème fraiche and eggs to make a custard on which to lay 3-inches long sticks of steamed carrots and leeks. The recipe also calls for a store bought crust, which actually makes this dish one that can easily be done on any weeknight after coming home from work. Though the end result is so pretty that it is almost a shame not to share it! I artfully arranged the vegetables in my pie crust, though in hindsight I realize that you can barely see the leeks under all these carrots 😦 Oh well…

Gerard’s Mustard Tart – recipe number 2 of French Fridays with Dorie

I probably won’t get around to making next week’s recipe: Viet Chicken Soup but I’m excited to be making hachis parmentier (think French sheppard’s pie) in two weeks’ time! Until then, bon appétit and bon vendredi!

5 thoughts on “French Friday: Il N’y A Que Maille Qui M’Aille

  1. Your tart looks exactly like Dorie's!!! And I LOVE the Maille store (and that ad – funny, when I was making the tart I couldn't get that saying out of my head either – legacy of 6 years in Paris!). We're actually headed to Dijon next summer and I cannot wait!!!!


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