Toh-mah-toh, toh-may-toh, tar-GET, tar-gé…

Remember how excited we all were when Target opened in Columbia Heights back in 2008? Well, it gets even better… The American discount retailer recently announced plans to accelerate its “PFresh” grocery offer from “super Targets” to smaller urban stores throughout the country. By the end of 2010, some 400 Target stores will be revamped to include the “PFresh” grocery section, which offers, you may have guessed it, fresh produce at low prices. And as of next Sunday that will include DC’s Columbia Heights store.

To celebrate the opening of the PFresh market on October 17th and generate a little buzz, the Minnesota-based retailer set up a hard to miss big vegetable truck right outside of the busy commuter hop that is Union Station.

During peak commuting hours, the truck was handing out grocery bags filled with all the fresh produce needed to make salsa (ie. onion, tomato, garlic). Throughout the day, a street team on 3-wheels bicycles was also handing out roma tomato seeds.

Fresh groceries? Urban location? Tomato seeds? Sounds like Tar-get is moving a little bit closer to its nickname of “Targé” and you won’t hear this Frenchie complain 😉 Next up on Target’s target? International domination! Well, sort of… Target is said to be looking at expanding to Puerto Rico (technically, not abroad) and Canada by 2015. Now, I can definitely picture a Targéin Montréal, eh…

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