French Fridays: Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake

I  really enjoyed this week’s recipe because Marie-Hélène’s apple cake reminded me of another Marie’s apple cake: my grandmother Marie-Louise’s.

My grandmother spent the war years in  Belgium where she lived above a bakery. Food was scarce but the bakery typically had flour and sugar that they would share with their upstairs neighbours. As a result, she spent that time making and eating breads and sweets and remained a great baker. Unfortunately, she never wrote down any recipes 😦 I made Marie-Hélène’s apple cake last week instead of the hachis parmentier I was supposed to make. Oops. But from my mistake I was able to realize the similarity between this cake and the cake my grandmother made when I was a kid. So I made it again, but with a thiner crust since my that’s how I remember her cake. I also tried to make it look like hers:

Bon appétit and bon vendredi!

6 thoughts on “French Fridays: Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake

  1. Your cake looks great. I love how you arranged the apples on top. It's always so comforting to make food reminiscent of childhood…espcially grandma's recipes! My grandmother also did not write down recipes…but I had a chance to observe her make her apple pie, a family favorite.


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