Bye bye macarons, bonjour cupcakes?

Let them eat (cup) cake! And by them, I mean the parisians. The rise in popularity of the very parisian macaron has been well documented in the United States, with trend-watchers inevitably wondering whether they will one day be the heirs to the cupcake throne. It’s a good question. But from where I am standing, I think it needs to be reversed! Macarons are not the new cupcakes… cupcakes are the new macarons! In Paris, macarons reign supreme. And if they are the patisserie equivalent of the Sun King, cupcakes are their dauphin even making an appearance at the Versailles of macarons: Ladurée
But there’s cupcakes and cup cakes… leave it to Ladurée and its chef de patisserie Philippe Andrieu, to elevate the small frosted treat to an art form. Le cup cake made in France is a fun and elegant take on its American cousin. 
From its playful presentation (it actually comes in an pretty paper “cup” that hides the actual wrapper) to its exquisite flavours (pictured is rose-raspberry though my favourite was actually cassis-violette) le cup cake is as easy on the eyes as it is on your palate. Though priced at 5.5 euros, it’s definitely not easy on your wallet so you might want to consume with moderation 😉
Le macaron se meurt… vive le cup cake?*
* (the macaron is dead… long live le cup cake)

11 thoughts on “Bye bye macarons, bonjour cupcakes?

  1. See, I don't know. I feel like Ladurée needs to tick to what it's good at it and leave cupcakes to the American pros! Next time you're in Paris, order from Sugar Daze (@sugar_daze), she makes the best cupcakes I've ever had!


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