Coming Soon: L’Alliance Downtown

There’s nothing more rewarding as an expat than to see your culture thrive in the country and city where you reside. When I first moved to D.C., in the heydays of the freedom fries, I would reluctantly own up to being a Parisian. Seven years later, I have found that not only are there are plenty of people who appreciate French food and French culture, there is also a high demand for learning and/or practicing la langue de Molière in the District. So much so apparently that l’Alliance Française, the premier cultural and educational association dedicated to promoting all things French, is opening a second location in Washington.

L’Alliance Downtown, as it will be known, will be located just a few blocks away from the new Paul Bakery at 421 7th Street NW in the new District Architecture Center. In addition to l’Alliance, the Center, whose mission will be to celebrate the Capital City’s architecture, will house a gallery, the Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Washington Architectural Foundation. Given its neighbours, I won’t be surprised to see l’Alliance plan some exhibitions or events around cityscapes and urban design. But I guess I won’t know for sure until it opens in September 2011.

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