Let Them Eat cake Crêpes Today!

Once a big religious holiday, la Chandeleur is more about eating crêpes than by going to church these days. And that’s perfectly fine by me 😉 But why do the French eat crêpes on a holiday commemorating the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of baby Jesus to the Temple? Well, La Chandeleur is also known as La fête de la Lumière (the holiday of light) celebrating the upcoming arrival of spring after a long winter. Crêpes, with their circular shape and golden color, remind people of the sun. Doesn’t make that much sense, but I’ll take any excuse to eat crêpes!!

Crêpes have been popping up on food trend lists for a few years now, so it’s not surprising to find more and more good crêpes options here in DC:

    • L’Enfant Cafe serves some terrific savory crêpes as well as some fun boozy ones for dessert (Amaretto and Toasted Almond is my favourite, though I am also a big fan of the Frangelico and Nutella crêpe.)
    • Napoleon Bistro and Lounge and Café Bonaparte. Yes I know, typically crêpes are accompanied by hard cider but I am more than willing to settle for champagne instead at these two institutions!!
    • Solar Crepes will not be serving crêpes on Wednesday February 2nd but I still thought I should include them on my list as they come pretty close to the traditional French-crêpes fare with buckwheat crêpes and (sadly non-alcoholic…) cider. Apparently, Choupi is closed as well. Le sigh.
    • Much has been written about Crepe Amour‘s Mac’N Cheese crêpe. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try it, February 2nd might be as good a day as ever…


  • Crepe Away at 2001 L Street NW
  • Crepe-a-go-go (2122 P Street NW) and Crepes-on-the-walk (701 7th street NW). 
  • Muncheez Mania is a new hip and funky Georgetown restaurant that offers a limited selection of crêpes. On the weekend, their curbside crêpes window is open until 3am. Just in case you get some late night crêpes-craving! (** bonus: all crêpes are buy one get one free until February 15th **)
  • Also in Georgetown, SNAP (1062 Thomas Jefferson St NW) which pairs bubble teas with crêpes. Why not? I prefer going there when the weather is nicer though, SNAP has a lovely and quiet hidden patio in the back. 
  • Point Chaud now serves savory and sweet crêpes at 2 locations on 14th street, the first one near S and the second close to K street.


Stay tune for a part deux to this post coming soon… the French also celebrate Mardi Gras with crêpes… 

p.s: if you have kids and would like to celebrate la Chandeleur, l’Alliance Française and Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens invite families to celebrate the holiday this Saturday (February 5th, 10AM-1PM) in festive french fashion with crêpes, stories and plate decorating. (Click here for more information)

5 thoughts on “Let Them Eat cake Crêpes Today!

  1. I'm a huge fan of Point Chaud! They have 51 different types of Sweet Crepes, and 23 different types of Savory Crepes! YUM! The locations are: 1736 14th St. NW (near S), and 1012 14th St. NW (near K).


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