Celebrate Valentine’s Day with roses rosés

A few weeks ago, an article in the New York Time’s The Pour rekinkled the debate on drinking rosé in the winter. I personally tend to save my bottles of rosé for warm summer nights, but I’m willing to make an exception here and there. Like this weekend 😉 Every girl likes to get roses for Valentine’s day, but this French girl prefers hers in a flute and with an accent aigu on the e! Especially if they’re sparkling.  If that’s the case for you as well, Poste Moderne Brasserie has you covered this Valentine’s Day weekend. Between February 12-14, tickle your love pink with a handful of beautiful bubbly rosé flights at Poste:

“Half Dozen Rosés” – 6oz for $30 – taste three sparkling rosés

“Dozen Rosés” – 12oz for $45 – for those who can’t get enough pink bubbles

And because too many bubbles on an empty stomach can get tricky, Poste will also be featuring a special selection of Valentine’s Day entrées to enjoy alongside the sparkly flights.  

(Pinkish) cheers to that!!

p.s: while we’re on the topic of Poste, February is Chocolate Month at Kimpton Hotels around the country. To celebrate, Poste will feature two decadent chocolate desserts both of which sound amazing (though probably deadly for moi since I’m allergic to cacao): a Chocolate Panna Cotta with Poached Seckle Pears & a Chocolate Terrine with Kumquat Cordial. Additionally, Hotel Monaco where Poste is located will celebrate Chocolate Lovers Day on February 17. Stop by the lobby from 5-7pm and enjoy complimentary chocolates and wine. You can also stop by other Kimpton hotel restaurants for special chocolate desserts throughout the month and tastings on the 17th. Brabo in Alexandria will offer some chocolate covered marshmallows that Thursday, Jackson 20 mini chocolate pecan pies and chocolatinis, Firefly mini-red velvet cakes and Urbana will have some chocolate dipped pretzels. Just because I can’t enjoy chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t 😉

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with roses rosés

  1. Thanks for posting these great deals for Chocolate Lovers Day! After a crazy day at work, I remembered reading your post about Jackson 20's chocolatinis. It's just down the street from my office, so I took a delicious break and am now back at the office. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise – so thanks!


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