Save the date: March 20th is Macaron Day!

Last year I had to write about New York City’s Macaron Day because, well, there just weren’t any macaron makers in DC celebrating this most glorious of holidays. This time around, I am thrilled to see two of my fellow French expats mark the occasion with specials in their shops. Chocolatier extraordinaire Jacques Poulain (no relations to the brand of chocolate, ironically) will be offering free macarons at both of his Cleveland Park and Bethesda locations. To participate, simply rsvp to Macaron Day on facebook. A promotional code, which will be posted on the facebook event page saturday, will allow the first 50 customers to get a free gift and everyone else to get a macaron of their choice for $1 throughout the day. If you’ve never had a macaron, Jacques’ are excellent so this is the perfect opportunity to try. New kid on the pastry block Tout de Sweet in Bethesda will also be handing out free macarons tomorrow (one macaron per customer, with limited quantities) giving everyone who hasn’t visited Jerome’s lovely new shop an excuse to do so! Happy macaron day everyone!!!
Cacao by Jacques Poulain is located at 7129 Bethesda Lane in Bethesda and 3508 Connecticut Ave NW in Cleveland Park.
Tout de Sweet is located at 7831 Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda. 

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