Living Social’s Dollar Menu

Forget about McDonald’s dollar menu! On FRiday, Washingtontians were treated to a very different value meal courtesy of LivingSocial. The group buying website celebrated the launch of its Instant Deals by offering $1 lunches at 120 participating restaurants throughout the city. By 1PM, some 30,000 deals had already been sold, which meant that some restaurants were overwhelmed by patrons and that lines sometimes ran around the block. Luckily, that wasn’t the case at Chef Todd Gray’s Equinox where I met up with Alejandra and Tammy (read her post here) for a delightful but not-exactely-cheap lunch. On my menu: gnocchi and Ocean City Fluke with Asparagus and Morels.



Apparently, Groupon will also be launching its own version of LivingSocial’s Instant Deal, called Groupon Now, sometimes this month. Just let me know when, Groupon, and I’ll make sure not to pack a lunch that day!!

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