Minuit à Paris

“For reasons that remain mysterious to me my films are appreciated more in Europe – and in France in particular – than they are back in the U.S.  Could it be that the subtitles over here are incredibly brilliant?” 
Woody Allen

Maybe it is the brilliant subtitles. Or that his humour plays well in the Old Continent. Perhaps it’s also that he represents that we think the archetypical New Yorker to be should be like: cultured, intellectual, appreciative of all of the good things Europe has to offer, and yes, a little neurotic too. Maybe it’s also that we are less judgmental of his personal life. Whatever the reasons, the French love Woody Allen and the American director seems to love us back. After a brief Manhattan interlude in “Whatever Works”,  he is returning to Europe with Midnight in Paris, a film set (you may have guessed) in my hometown. Described by Festival director Thierry Frémaux as a “wonderful love letter to Paris,” Woody’s 42nd feature film is opening the Cannes International Film Festival today. If the beautiful poster is any indication of what the romantic comedy will be like, we are in for a treat. I can’t wait to see it!!

Midnight in Paris opens in LA and New York on May 20th. Washingtonians will have to wait a little bit longer. The film will come out on May 27th and show at the E Street Theater. You know where I’ll be that Friday night 😉

4 thoughts on “Minuit à Paris

  1. I googled Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen and DC. Your blog came up. Guess I won't be seeing this movie today. Perhaps I'll run into you at E street next weekend. Great blog. I love Woody.


  2. I'm going to the Opera Friday night or I'd be at E Street that night 😉 definitely seeing it at some point memorial day weekend though. I hear the first half hour is just one paris cliche after another, but that's ok…


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