Adventures in AeroGardening – Part Une

Being a city girl has some advantages like not having to worry about car payments, being in great shape because you walk everywhere and having easy access to great restaurants, bars and cultural events. But it also has some disadvantages. I live in a condo in downtown D.C. I don’t have a balcony, ledge or even a window sill on which I could grow a few plants. So I was thrilled when received an AeroGarden as a gift, pretty much out of the blues. 

The AeroGarden is an appliance that uses aeroponic technology to grow herbs or plants without using any dirt. Instead, the plants are develop inside a grow chamber that contains oxygen, water and nutrients. It doesn’t take much more space than a kitchen aid, though I can’t keep mine in my kitchen because it is a little too tall to fit underneath my cupboards, grows pretty fast and is relatively mess-free. My 7-pods AeroGarden came with the starter Gourmet Herb Seed kit: 3 different kinds of basil (Genovese, Lemon and Globe), dill, thyme, mint and oregano.  

Right now my herbs are in the first stages of their growth and still under their protective plastic domes. I can’t wait to see my basil and my dill sprout! I’m already thinking of all sorts of recipes I will be able to make with my fresh herbs! Stay tuned for updates…

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