Americana – National Donut Day!

Today is one of my favourite American holidays: National Donut Day! I mean, is there anything more American than a donut? The “holiday” was originally established in 1938 by the Salvation Army to honour the female volunteers who served donuts to soldiers during WWI. You can celebrate at home by making your own Salvation Army Doughnut Lassies using the original recipe. Or you can drop by national chains Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme for a free donut (DD requires a beverage purchase in order to get your freebie though). If you’re prefer a slightly “fancier” donut, a number of DC area restaurants offer their own spin on breakfast’s sweetest treat. Claudia of Brunch and the City wrote a great recap a few months ago.

You can also celebrate the sugary holiday in a healthier way, just by learning a little bit about America’s obsession with donuts. I enjoyed ready this Huffington Post Food Article that features cool pie donut charts and maps. For more information, there’s also Sally Levitt Steinberg’s The Donut Book. As the grand-daughter of the inventor of the donut machine, she knows a thing or two about this sweet oh-so-American indulgence…

Happy donut day everyone!! How are you celebrating?

One thought on “Americana – National Donut Day!

  1. this is the best surprise of my day so far! ha! i didn't even know this holiday existed. i will promptly celebrate by visiting krispy kreme 🙂


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