Air France’s A380 Finally Lands in DC!

After New York (yes, New York always gets everything first… the A380, Ladurée…), Johannesburg, Tokyo and Montréal, Washington just became the 5th city served by Air France’s A380, the world’s largest commercial passenger jet. Pretty cool non? I thought so, until I realized what bigger planes actually meant. More passengers per flight means there will be less departures towards the City of Light. As of June 6th, the weekly number of flights from IAD to CDG dropped down from 21 to 14. Your options are now two flights a day out of Dulles, the 4:40PM or 9:50PM (my personal favourite because you can just sleep through) and two direct flights out of Paris, at 10:50AM (too early!) or 4:40PM. But on the plus side, you get to travel in a double decker plane…

My friend Kévin happened to be at Dulles on Monday to witness the event and was kind enough to share some pictures with me. Look how tiny the people look next to the giant plane! I can’t wait to get on one of those A380!!!

Somehow, he also happened to be in Orlando the very next day when Air France inaugurated its very first nonstop air service between MCO and CDG. Though, no A380 for you, Orlando, you’ll have to contend with a Boeing 777-300 😉 

Air France’s Inaugural non-stop flight from CDG-MCO – Photo credit:  Kévin Patrice Régis Hennerez

In other Air France news, the airline is also marking the 25th anniversary of its San Francisco-Paris route by upgrading travelers from a tiny bity regular Boeing to a super jumbo A380 from June 6 to September 2011.  Afterwards, back to the small plane SanFran so book that summer vacation now!! Or I guess, after that date, you can still fly to Frankfurt on Lufthansa’s A380 planes… but why would you want to go Germany when you can go to France?? *  

* this last sentence is actually only kind of funny if you know that I’m flying to Frankfurt soon on Lufthansa – though not on an A380 plane. This will be my first “trip” to my German neighbour, though I put trip in quotation marks because I won’t actually be leaving the airport. Germany is only a quick pit stop en route to another rather exciting European destination where I will be spending my summer vacation. But more on that later…

One thought on “Air France’s A380 Finally Lands in DC!

  1. I took the A380 from Paris to New York in January. There are a lot more people than usual so you have to wait for hours in line for your passport and then to get your luggage. But it's still very exciting to travel on it; the crew really made us feel like something exceptional was happening!


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