Concert Sandwich & Macaron on the Avenue

Starting tonight and through August 30th, the US Navy Band will be performing “Live music under the Stars!” every Tuesday from 8-10PM at the US Navy Memorial Plaza. Now I’ve lived in DC for almost 8 years now and I can’t say I’ve ever made it to one of Navy Memorial free summer concert on the avenue. But it looks like this might change this year 😉 Paul Bakery, which also happens to be located on Pennsylvanie Avenue between 7th and 9th street, is tempting me with a yummy picnic dinner special that can be picked up from 5PM to 9PM every Tuesday before or during the concert. And yes, the picnic dinner special includes ones of Paul’s dessert sized macaron!!

Sesame Paulette with Camembert – PHOTO CREDIT: Jason Colston for PAUL USA

Paul’s Picnic Dinner Special will be available for $11.95 every Tuesday (5-9PM) and includes a baguette sandwich (I currently love the pavot jambon cru made with Prosciutto on poppy baguette), a cold drink (like Orangina)  and slice of tarte or a macaron! Tarte or macaron… now that’s a difficult choice!!

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