Just Desserts – Whisked!

I’m actually really bummed to be missing out on my monthly Just Dessert tour today. *le sigh* After visiting Casa Nonna in March and Againn in April, I was really looking forwards to getting together with some of my favourite fellow sweet-toothed bloggers and sink my teeth in classic French desserts at Central Michel Richard and Paul Bakery. Luckily, I still got my sweet fix this week when I got a taste of Whisked! at an event hosted by 1905 RestaurantWhisked! is the labour of love of Jenna Huntsberger and Stephanie Willis, two DC food bloggers who turned their passion for baking into a full time pursuit. Interestingly enough, they met each other at the DC Food Bloggers Spooktacular Bake Sale back in October 2009, which was also when I first met them. Now they’re back where it all started, the 14th and U Farmers Market, selling classic American treats on Saturdays between 9AM and 1PM. 

Brownie Sandwich Cookies – photo credit Whisked! Washington DC

Strawberry Jam Filled Hand Pies – photo credit Whisked! Washington DC

Strawberry Jam Filled Hand Pies – photo credit Whisked! Washington DC

Of course, I didn’t grow up on brownies and cookies and all of the other classic American desserts that are Whisked! specialties. But that just means I now have the perfect excuse to try them. All of them 😉 Well, at least the ones with no chocolate or peanut butter…. I wasn’t actually able to try the brownie sandwich cookies, as I thought they might just have a little too much cocoa for me, but everyone else around seemed to really enjoy them. I did try (and even took home) the strawberry jam filled hand pie, a cute – and portable – take on the pop tart, and the strawberry rhubarb pie, which was absolutely delicious.  Another stand out was Stephanie’s Red Velvet Cake. The South can be proud to claim her as one of their own! And because not everything can or should be sweet, Stephanie and Jenna also sells a variety of quiches and other savoury pies. I tried the spinach, basil and sun dried tomato quiche before diving into all the sugary offerings. It was trés tasty, I completely understand why it sells out so early at the market every Saturday! 

To get your own taste of Whisked!, head to the 14th and U Farmers Market this Saturday. Of course, I should thank Jenna and Stephanie for baking such lovely desserts, and inviting me to sample them, as well as Tony Lucca of 1905 Restaurant for being such a gracious host and reminding me of how much I like his restaurant. I’m looking forward to the roof deck this fall! 

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