Royal Wedding – Monaco Edition

Two months after Will and Kate, there’s another European royal wedding grabbing headlines. On July 2nd, Prince Albert will marry Charlene Wittstock in the tiny Mediterranean principality of Monaco. The lavish two-day-long nuptial festivities will feature a religious ceremony in the palace’s courtyard, a light-and-sound show by Jean-Michel Jarre and a free concert by the Eagles, a dinner by Monegasque Chef Alain Ducasse and a post-festivities brunch for which Ducasse will get a little assistance by Chef Joel Robuchon. The Champagne will be French, of course, and in honour of the bride, the red wine served with dinner will be South African. Other than that, the ingredients used to prepare the 3 course menu will be sourced from a 6-mile radius from the rock: honey from Monaco’s bee-hives, fishes line-caught in the mediterranean that morning, and vegetables from the Prince’s own farm. I’m not sure what will be served for dessert, though if I were the bride, I would go for a macaron croquembouche by Ladurée. Especially if  Ladurée created two unique flavours just for my wedding!

Photo credit: Ladurée
Ladurée, which has a presence in Monaco with a boutique at the Galerie Métrople, is offering two exceptional macarons to honour the couple. The macarons will be red and white, the colours of the House of Grimaldi since 1339, with delicate flavours of guava and raspberry-anise, and presented in a limited edition gift box in ivory and gold, decorated with the two first names of the future husband and with the princely arms, symbols of the Principality. *le swoon*

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