Save the date: Aug. 19th Crayfish Party at…IKEA!

The word kräftskiva sounds straight out of an IKEA catalogue. And it is. Kind of. Kräftskiva isn’t an easy-to-assemble bookshelf or a affordable pull-out couch. It’s a swedish crawfish party. Back in the 1900s, crayfish harvesting was limited until August 7th, so the whole month became one of crayfish celebrations in the nordic country. This year, Sweden’s own IKEA is trying to break the Guinness World Record for largest crayfish party *ever* across its 19 UK stores. Why you may ask? Well, why not… Americans can join the party too, though a bit later… on our side of the pond, the kräftskiva is scheduled for August 19th.

Washingtonians can partake and eat as much crawfish as they can for just $9.99 ($2.49 for children 12 or younger) at our two local IKEAs. IKEA College Park is offering three seatings: one at 6:30PM, 7:00PM and 7:30PM.  Seating is limited, and tickets must be purchased prior to the day of the event by calling Kristin at 301-345-6552 x 1203. At IKEA Woodbridge, you can come in any time between 5-8PM, but tickets must also be purchased in advance by seeing a restaurant co-worker for tickets and more information.

Ain’t no party like a…crayfish… party?

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