L’Heure de l’Apéritif – Halloween Edition

Typical post Halloween dilemma: what to do with all that overly sweet, left-over candy corn? Eating it is probably the first option that comes to mind. Of course, there’s also throwing it away but that seems kinda wasteful. So why not throw it into some vodka instead and see what happens? Because I was pretty sure candy corn infused vodka wouldn’t be something I would want to drink too much of past October 31st, I decided to try a small batch in a jam jar,  combining just a quarter of a cup of candy with 6 oz of vodka [picture 1].  Within an hour the candy had started to melt [picture 2] and after 3 hours “infusing” the vodka had turned bright orange and the candy had practically dissolved [picture 3].
Because of the how mushy the candy corn turns, the vodka has to be thoroughly strained (I used coffee filters and a strainer) before mixed into any kind of cocktail. I didn’t deviate too much from a food network recipe which called for mixing 4 oz of the candy corn vodka, 2 oz of orange liqueur (I opted for Triple Sec, but I’m sure Cointreau would have worked too,) the juice a lemon and 1 large egg white together in a shaker filled with ice.
The result is a gorgeous bright cocktail but be warned, do not try this at home if you do not like sweet cocktails! Like the Halloween treat that inspired it, this tricky candy corn martini is VERY sweet! 

A la vôtre!

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