Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

When I volunteered to take a group of college students on a bus tour of the Washington, D.C. for work, the weather was an unseasonal 60 degrees, it was sunny. In short, spending an afternoon away from the office, hopping around the monuments seemed like a great idea. It wasn’t. An hour before the tour was set to leave our NoMa office, I started hearing rumours of snow. By 4PM, I was covered in snow, wet, cold and wondered what had possessed me to volunteer 😉 But in the end, while commuters were complaining about being stuck in traffic (DC drivers do not handle snow very well) I got to see some of my favourite sights like I had never seen them before: empty! Well, at least the ones I could see… the Washington Monument was kind of lost in the flurries…

I swear the Washington Monument is in there somewhere behind me

At every stop, we were pretty much the only ones there… and the students were amazing, they never complained, got off the bus at every stops and took in as much of the sights as they could. Some of them, coming from Miami or Texas, had never seen snow before, and it was a ton of fun watching them trying to swallow snowflakes, try to start snow fights or run to the refreshment booth on the mall for shelter and hot cocoa! Beats an afternoon in the office, that’s for sure 😉

A Snowy Koren War Memorial
A long way from Miami ~ but what’s a couple of snowflakes!

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