Epiphany – Part Deux

I love that every new year starts with the Galette des Rois, one of my favourite cake! On Friday, I met a friend at the Sofitel Hotel for drinks and a slice of king cake at Le Bar.The French galettes des rois are made of two layers of puff pastry stuffed by frangipane, a sweet mix of creme pâtissière and almond cream.  Traditionally served around Epiphany, it can now be found pretty much throughout the month of January in France, but will only be served between January 6-12 at Sofitel, either at Ici Urban Bistro or at Le Bar.

Best part, one out of 8 portions of galette have a fève (here a little plastic figurine) hidden in the frangipane. It’s not as pretty as the cute transportation-themed porcelain favours from Paul, but on Friday, I found the feve in my slice of Sofitel galette!

And I didn’t care if it was plastic or porcelain, I got a crown!! 

2 thoughts on “Epiphany – Part Deux

  1. OMGosh, I LOVE this! The crown, cake and the little figurine! So magical and fun! I've had cakes with money in them, but a figurine? That's awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    xx Natalie


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