Silence is Golden – Dance Party Edition

From the country that brought you Michel Marceau (and yes, I dressed up as the famous mime for Halloween 2 years ago) and more recently The Artist come another experiment in wordless expression: a silent dance party! The latest of a series of innovative events organized by l’Alliance Française of Washington, D.C. of Washington, D.C., Silence!: Silent Art Forms will explore the world without sound on Friday, January 20th, through 4 “silent” happenings: a dance party where the music isn’t heard on loudspeakers but via individual headphones, screenings of silent French films, a Marceau inspired mime performance and a silent poetry interactive performance by Gallaudet University poets (did you know French sign language is different from American sign language?). Bonus, the event is held at l’Alliance’s new AFDC Downtown space in the District Architecture Center in Penn Quarter so if you’re like me and you haven’t gotten to check out the new space, it’s a pretty cool opportunity to do so! Apparently, there’s only one thing that can shut the French up, and that’s art 😉

Details: Silence!: Silent Art Forms is organized by l’Alliance Française of Washington, D.C. in collaboration with Yelp!, Gallaudet University and powered by Silent Events at AFDC Downtown (in the District Architecture Center at 412 7th Street NW) on January 20th, 7PM. Tickets are $20 ($15 for AFDC members). RSVP at or 202-234-7911.

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