Ping Pong Dim Sum Unleashes the Dragon

The weekend begun with a dusting of snow over the District Friday. When my friend Cecile suggested we grab dinner at Pho DC in Chinatown saturday, I immediately said yes (well oui really) not so much because I like Pho DC but because the idea of ANY kind of hot soup on a cold day within walking distance of my condo combined with a light evening of girly conversation planning our upcoming trip to Paris just seemed like a great plan! Following Pho DC, we headed to Ping Pong Dim Sum to grab a “dessert cocktail” and got a head start on celebrating the year of the dragon. Ping Pong is going all out for chinese new year, with 15 days of dragon-fueled events and some fun special menu items like the dragontail cocktail pictured below and made prickly pears, vodka, fresh limes, lychee liqueur and basil seeds.)

Turns out basil seeds are super slimy. Who knew?

Here are a few of the specials being offered between Monday January 23 and February 6th:

 Born the year of the dragon? Enjoy a complimentary Dragon Kumquat cocktail. Made with fresh kumquats, rum, amaretto, apricots and basil seeds (those slimy seeds again) it also come in a non-alcoholic version so that the littlest dragons born in 2000 can enjoy one as well.

Tuesdays are lady dragon nights… girls get a complimentary glass of champagne between 4-7PM.

On Thursdays, it’s generous dragon night. A portion of the proceeds from the Dragon Kumquat or Dragontail cocktails benefits the Chinatown Community Cultural Center. That’s the non-profit that put on the annual Chinese New Year festival, so drink up! You kinda get used to the basil seeds, I promise 😉

On the weekends, there’s a special $70 brunch for 2 menu that includes two dragon cocktails, lots of dim sums and a dessert to share. Bring a large party, make sure everyone dresses in red and get 15% off your check!

For a complete schedule, check out Ping Pong Dim Sum’s What’s On section on their website.


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