A Whole Week Dedicated to Love (of Chocolate)

Since I’m allergic to chocolate, it looks like I might want to avoid Georgetown the week of February 13-19 aka D.C.’s first Week for Chocolate! D.C. Chocoholics (ie. pretty much everyone but me) will be treated to a 7 day chocolate extravaganza courtesy of SalesVote. For the entire week, participants will enjoy chocolate-inspired drinks, food and dessert specials offered by Georgetown merchants, when they purchase a Week For Chocolate deal Badge from SalesVote.com. This badge will serve as a ticket to obtain exclusive offerings from each participating business. Proceeds from badges will go to three local non-profit organizations in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Participants will utilize this badge as a key to unlock the chocolate treasures of Georgetown. Badges will go on sale Monday, January 30th, 2012 and will allow five deals to be redeemed per badge, from participating merchants. Enjoy D.C.! While you enjoy the cocoa fest, I’ll be hiding back in Chinatown 😉

One thought on “A Whole Week Dedicated to Love (of Chocolate)

  1. Being allergic to chocolate? As I chocoholic, I can't even imagine it. What's your indulgence of choice if you can't go for the straight-up (bittersweet or 70%) stuff, or the many ways to use it in macarons, cakes, cookies, drinks, etc.


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