Yarning for Love in Dupont Circle this V-Day

What a lovely Valentine’s Day surprise! I was walking to work this morning when I noticed a few felt and croched hearts attached to lamp posts, bus stops and business fences throughout the Dupont Circle neighbourhood.

After doing a little investigative work once I got into my office, I found out that The Phillips Collection and Looped Yarn Works, a new yarn shop that recently opened on Connecticut Avenue, are behind this public display of affection! The collaboration not only brings a cozy warmth to the streets between the gallery anhd the shop on this cold February 14th holiday, they also celebrate the upcoming opening of Brooklyn based sculptor Alyson Shotz‘s yarn and nails installation for The Phillips Collection’s “Intersection” project later in the month (starting Feburary 16). Thanks to both for helping me feel the love during my morning commute!! And of course, merci to all who knitted last night! You are inspiring me to sign up for one of the beginner knit classes Looped Yarn Works offers every Saturday…

3 thoughts on “Yarning for Love in Dupont Circle this V-Day

  1. Thanks so much for tweeting and posting about this. I was out anyway, so ran down to Dupont for a few minutes to catch it – what fun! I know one of the owners of Looped and sent her your blogpost. She was totally thrilled. I've been to Looped myself and love it. The store is cozy, has amazing wools and is a wonderful gathering place for knitters and knitters-to-be.


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